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Laid back and lush, Belize is home to tropical beaches, dense jungles and a seamless clash of Caribbean and Latino cultures.

Hail a water taxi and head over to the beautiful Cayes, little islands dotted in the Caribbean Sea, and chill out on white sandy beaches or dive in to snorkel amongst the stunning coral reefs. Take on the jungle on the Indian Creek Trail, learning survival skills and completing river crossings as you go, or head to Cockscomb basin and spot wildlife tracks on your way to the waterfalls.

Trek and chill but don’t miss the relaxed mix of Belizean, Creole, Mestizo and Mayan cultures. A friendly hospitality permeates life in this tiny little pocket of the world, as does ancient Mayan history. An expedition to Belize packs a lot of punch for such a small place.

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Learn to dive

Ever wanted to explore underwater? Here's your chance. We'll get you qualified with your PADI Open Water, or upskill you if you're already there, so you can enjoy the world famed dive sites in Belize. From Lighthouse Atoll and Hol Chan to Esmeralda and Shark Ray Alley, try not to lose your breath!

Swing into the jungle

Delve into the jungle and complete the Indian Creek Trail. Strenuous and sweaty, you'll learn how to camp wild in the jungle, conduct river crossings and learn the tricks of the trade from your expert guides. Whilst not for the faint hearted, its an experience like no other.

Snorkel the world?s second largest reef

Home to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, after Australia, there are over 100 types of coral, 450 islands known as Cayes (pronounced 'keys') and 500 species of tropical fish waiting for you. Slip on your flippers and mask and get snorkelling out there.

Track exotic wildlife

Head to the world's first jaguar reserve at Cockscomb Basin and whilst you'd be lucky to spot a jaguar, you may well uncover wildlife tracks leading to tapirs, howler monkeys and toucans. Regardless of the wildlife, the waterfalls will catch your attention as will the view points.

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