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Our 8-14 day adventures are action packed, pre-planned bucket-list style experiences full of opportunities for sparking personal growth. 

These adventures are designed to help students not only get the most out of the destinations they find themselves in, but also get the most out of themselves.

It’s about awakening a passion for people and planet that students can carry with them long into their adult lives. These adventures have been carefully curated to ensure that not a moment’s possibility is lost.

Everything is pre-booked, pre-organised and ready to be experienced by our intrepid travelers. Depending on the chosen destination, adventurous experiences can range from trekking, white water rafting, snorkeling and water activities, shared learning, conservation, community led initiatives and more.

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Costa Rica

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We’re explorers, curious and kind. We travel light, respecting the people we meet and the planet we walk through.

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