Channel your inner survivor

Survivor is different

It’s travel stripped back to re-engaging with the elements and our human instincts, unplugging from the grid, sleeping under the stars, bathing in the river, cooking your foraged food on an open fire – sensations that truly make you feel alive. Our three survival experiences in Sweden, Borneo and Costa Rica are designed to introduce new levels of exposure and skills development across five key areas: sourcing water, finding food, building shelter, making fire and environmental awareness.

In Survival School, our native experts will help the team scratch the surface of how to live in the wild, understanding the theory and learning the basics. When they’re ready, it’s time to get to grips and put survival into practice. Teams will embark on a survival journey putting their skills and resilience to the test before their return to civilisation.

Survivor Borneo

Survivor Borneo. Into the jungle.

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Survivor Costa Rica

Survivor Costa Rica. Into the tropics.

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Survivor Sweden

Survivor Sweden. Into the wild.

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