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Welcome to Africa. Prepare for hot savannah plains, roaming wild game, vibrant colour and loud culture. Get ready to explore tropical forests, watch stars in vast desert skies, canoe through the Okavango Delta, scale mighty peaks and dip in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. From the utterly unique wildlife of wild Madagascar and the big cats of East Africa to the heights of Kili, the heat of the Kalahari and the white sands of the Mozambique coast, Africa is steeped in hospitality, humour, and honour. Don’t miss out on the Mulanje massif in Malawi, the deserts of Namibia, the last standing kingdom of Swaziland. Africa rightly holds its place as a land of adventure, wrapped in the warmth of its people. Come feel it for yourself.


Your Botswana expedition. Be wild, roam free.

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Your Madagascar expedition. Explore frontiers, find magic.

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Your Malawi expedition. Meet Africa, warm hearts.

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Your Morocco expedition. Meet Morocco, feel alive.

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Your Mozambique expedition.

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Your Namibia expedition. Spread out and explore.

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South Africa & Lesotho

Your South Africa & Lesotho expedition. Dive into ancient tribal traditions.

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Now known as Eswatini

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Your Tanzania expedition. Go big or go home.

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Your Zambia expedition. See the smoke that thunders.

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