Continental Asia

Accept crazy, live color.

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Welcome to Continental Asia. Land of the raw, the rugged, the rural. Feel the power of space from horseback exploring the expansive plains of Mongolia, climb high into the mighty Himalayas for another perspective on the world, or dive into India for everything loud, colourful and crazy. If you’re after drama, want to witness the scale of mother earth and soak up the peaceful prayers of cultures who have profound respect for the world, it sounds like you’re set for Continental Asia.


Your India expedition. Accept crazy, live color.

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Your Mongolia expedition. Gallop far, be open.

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Your Nepal expedition. Find clarity, big horizons.

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Sri Lanka

Your Sri Lanka expedition. Sway by, look up.

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The Silk Route

Your Silk Route Expedition. Trace footsteps, blaze trails.

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Your Uzbekistan expedition.

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