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Hear what our adventurers have to say

"The turtle conservation project was absolutely amazing. Patrolling the beaches at night, collecting eggs as the mother turtle is laying them and releasing baby hatchlings into the sea is something I will never forget!"
Yasmin, Challenger

"My highlight was the last night of the project. We gathered with the community and they taught us some of their traditional dances and everyone got involved."
Sam, Challenger

"I enjoyed the camel ride and the bike trek because they were just so out of the ordinary, the people running them were super cool and the places were amazing."
Jack, Challenger

"The trek and the wildlife center were the best! It was an experience that I will never forget. Looking back, we managed to fit in so much in just one month. It seems surreal now."
Lucy, Challenger

"Canoes into the delta. Survival in the desert. Safari, conservation, building a library, BBQs, sunsets, friends, new friends. It was packed and I think about it all the time. Take me back."
Sarah, Challenger