Central and South America

Reach for the sky, uncover culture.

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Welcome to Latin America. From the mighty peaks of the Andes and the sweaty jungles of the Amazon to the sea life of the Galapagos Islands, this is the place to pack in diversity with a healthy hit of latino vibes. Hike up and board down the black sands of dormant volcanoes in Nicaragua, feel the heat of the Amazon in Peru, scale high altitude mountain ranges in Bolivia, straddle the equator in Ecuador, dive into the magical depths of Belizean waters and pump up the adrenaline in Costa Rica. If this kind of adventure appeals, you need to get yourself here.


Your Belize expedition. Slow down, dive deep.

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Your Bolivia expedition. Get a head for heights, go off-road.

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Costa Rica

Your Costa Rica expedition. Get around under your own steam.

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Your Ecuador expedition. Go high, go deep, go far, go wide.

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Your Nicaragua expedition. Explosive adventure, uncover culture.

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Northern Peru

Your Northern Peru expedition.

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Your Peru expedition. Reach for the sky, reveal legends.

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Southern Peru

Your Southern Peru expedition.

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